Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Puppenhaus - Jazz Mach Spazz [1973]

well, hello to all again..
It's been quite some time since i last put something new here. Too busy, no... a little bit bored, a little bit not believing that anyone stil uses blogs as a way to discover ''new'' music.
Anyway, This time you are to be treated with a remarkable one off album outfit called Puppenhaus.
I had found this years back when i was endlessly searching for something good, progish, and i happend to bump on this gem. Never heard it till a few months before as i thought then, it was a prog rock album, but when i rushed through it i heard sax, flutes and an overall jazz feel i didn't want at the time.
Now, a few months back , i was trying to think jazzy record to listen, and out of nowhere THIS came to mind. So i push play and by the second track i was awstrack. Instead of a jazz/rock 70's thing, this was something different.. Reminded me of the Soft Machine's Third album jazzness along repetitive patterns, along with Frip/wetton/brufford King Crimson aesthetics, the monstreus Fender Precision sound is there. the jam thing that the trio did at the time is there and quite strong!! The creativity of the people involved is something to be ecpected from a bunch of hippie musicians living, rehearsing and writing music in a ''artistic'' commune.
Melodic passages bled harmonically with furious outrages, intense playing, and fantastic thematic changes in a mixture of jazz and progressive rock, after all this is a progressive rock album trying to sound jazzy (and succeding i might say), not the other way around. After all the titles says it all.
Jazz Mach Spazz ''jazz makes fun'' in loose translation.
I highly recomended.

Oh i forgot to mention that while my first hearing session, i was searching online for the CD version of this, and when the album finished i just pushed Purchase on ebay and that sums it up, don't you think?

Have FUN with jazz then.

All tracks written by Puppenhaus.
01. Anfang - 10:38
02. Jazz macht Spazz - 7:52
03. Swingende Elefantenkompanie - 10:44
04. Let the pig out - 5:58
05. Improvisationen - 17:02
06. Fünfmal Schnitzel mit Pommes Frites - 11:54
07. Sabanone - 13:18

- Frank Fischer - bass
- Berthold "Bea" Maier - drums
- Büdi Siebert - flute, saxophone
- Herbert Binder Krebs - guitar
- Thomas Rabenschlag - keyboards


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  5. Hey Leroy thanks for this! Have to agree....if I really like something I will still buy the Media..be it CD or Vinyl....funds permitting of course!


  6. when i rushed through it i heard sax, flutes and an overall jazz feel i didn't want at the time. cd review